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ÍLANDRÍA was born in Ecuador and raised in Miami. As a child she was known as Hillary. The imaginative girl saw the space between realities and dreamed of creating her own. She was curious and creative, but often felt overwhelmed by the real world.

"Ever since I was little I was obsessed with creating my own universe. I imagined finding a treasure in a secret dungeon beneath my house, or finding Narnia in my closet. The escapism was exciting for me. I loved roller coasters, Disney, and Kingdom Hearts. But I especially took inspiration from visual-moving art and shutting the world out with music," she says.

Through formal Classical training she learned to play violin. On the stages and in the streets of Miami she and her friends learned about Rock & Roll. At seventeen the singer moved to New York, a city of endless possibilities. In the cultural melting pot of this new home she was finally free to create a reality all her own. 

The artist enrolled in the "New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music" where she met Kayshimmy Beats. They wrote, produced, and creatively released the first three singles together until the duo parted ways in 2019, officially making Ilandria a solo act.


"Little Eyes" was Ilandria's first debut as a solo artist. She had found her own original sound and Ilandria was reborn.

Ilandria's music is a wildly eclectic mix of styles. Flamenco guitars meet Dance grooves and Pop hooks. Her lyrics are often personal and introspective, yet always universally relatable. The talented singer and writer knows technique but never let's it get in the way of the humanity in her art.

"The ability to take a photograph of a feeling and communicate it through a song is what I find most rewarding as a songwriter. It’s what helped me create the universe of Ilandria"